Callie and Will Forever

♥1/4/2017 - Forever!!♥


Forever as a concept, is hard for one to grasp,
Our human minds restricted, our cognisance a clasp,
For few do hold the key, to understand the word,
The reality intangible, and most just cry absurd.
Yet I have found the meaning, it is far from a ruse,
The metaphor unyielding, personifies a muse,
A girl whose eyes would qwell a flame, or set ablaze a heart,
Whose voice could save a soul from hell, though a thousand miles apart.
Time is then an age-old crutch, a corpse-light for the frail,
Forever could not simply be; an end follows a trail,
For men will always pale and despair, their crusade short and folly,
But I smile on, without a fear: my Forever's name is Callie.

© Darklust 2017